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Sensitive skin shavers

Sensitive skin is no longer a bar to a close shave thanks to the variety of sensitive skin shavers now available for people who suffer from frequent shaving bumps and shaving irritation. Treat yourself to the close shave you deserve no matter how sensitive your skin may be. There are brands of several shavers for peope with sensitive skin, but the most popular is Bic.

Protect your skin

Sensitive skin shavers are designed to provide a close, comfortable shave that won't cause irritation to your skin in the process. Most razors manufactured for use with sensitive skin come with a lubricating strip on the shaver's head. This strip soothes the skin as the blade passes over it, reducing skin irritation that may otherwise result from the scraping of the blade. In addition, most sensitive skin razors often include a pivoting head that conforms to your skin, following the contours of your face to cut your hair away at an optimum angle.

Disposability keeps shavers fresh

The disposable nature of sensitive skin shavers help to keep used shavers from eventually irritating the user. As you use your disposable razor, the lubricating strip that soothes your skin loses its lubricating lotion. When this happens, the razor acts much like any other, irritating your skin as you drag the unprepared shaver head across the surface its surface. By disposing of used shavers and using new ones often, you continue to benefit from fresh lubricating strips. This allows you to continue to experience a close shave, despite your sensitive skin.