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Shave cream

Using one of the many types of shave cream out there allows you to prep your facial hair or beard before using you shave. With so many variations of shaving cream available, it is important for you to know what works best for you and your skin. Finding a shave cream that works best for you allows you to start your day with a great shave. There are many shaving cream brands to choose from at Walgreens.com such as Gillette, Barbasol and Neutrogena.

Finding the right shave cream

When searching through the different shave creams, start by looking at the brands that make your favorite razors. These brands will often sell shave creams or even offer a pack that includes a razor. Some shave creams are designed for a woman's shaving needs. These creams will often feature Vitamin E, aloe and other oils to help make your skin feel smooth after use. These shave creams will help protect against nicks and scratches on your legs.

Shaving products for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, there are shave creams tailor made for you. Many of these gels feature aloe to help glide your razor smoothly over your skin. The lubrication from the aloe will result in a better shave. The lather from these shave creams will help protect your skin from cuts. There are also aftershaves for sensitive skin that can help you avoid razor burn and bumps.