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Shaving Foam

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Shaving foam

Shaving foam allows you to cut close to the root of your facial hair while preserving the smoothness of your skin. Use high-quality foam to avoid cutting yourself with your razor, and leave your skin feeling healthy. carries shaving foams from brands like Neutrogena and Barbasol.

Types of gel

Shaving gel can be scented or unscented. A mint-scented shaving cream can offer a particular masculine feel, and may eliminate the need to purchase aftershave. Do you have sensitive skin? Are you allergic to scents or dyes? Make sure you purchase unscented foams. You can even get specialized gels made specifically for people with sensitive skin, so that your skin doesn't break out after you shave. If you frequently cut yourself while shaving, purchase medicated gel. This type of shaving cream protects your skin from becoming chapped, cracked or dry after shaving.

Shaving body hair

Shaving soap helps soften your hair prior to shaving. When you run your razor over softened hair, it comes off more easily and makes it less likely that you will cut yourself. Many shaving soaps are vegetable-based, perfect for animal lovers and men allergic to traditional soaps. You can use shaving soap on hair all over your body. If you are going to be shaving hair on your chest and back, you may want to consider purchasing body cream as well as soap, because body creams are made specifically for those areas you would prefer your skin to be hairless.

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