Sinus Sprays

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Sinus sprays

Sinus sprays contain ingredients that help to relieve the discomfort of stuffed sinuses. A wide assortment of sinus sprays with different combinations of active ingredients is available for shipment right to you from Well-known brands of sprays include Afrin and Zicam.

Nasal sprays

Sinus sprays include nasal sprays that contain decongestants, which relieve the discomfort of clogged sinus passages by clearing them of mucus that blocks the free passage of air. Other ingredients found in sinus sprays are antihistamines that treat blocked sinuses due to allergy symptoms, and saline washes that gently moistens the nasal and sinus passages. Natural nasal sprays are based on herbal extracts and homeopathic remedies that help to clear the sinuses, and special formulas are available for children.

Choosing and using sinus sprays

Regular and long-acting decongestant nasal sprays are usually recommended for discomfort caused by colds or viral infections of the sinuses. These decongestant sinus sprays are available in regular, extra-strength, and moisturizing varieties. Natural and homeopathic nasal sprays, including zinc-based formulas, may also provide relief for blocked sinuses due to colds. Antihistamine sinus sprays are recommended for allergies that leave your sinuses blocked and uncomfortable, and sprays containing saline solution can relieve sinus discomfort that is caused by dry sinuses. Sinus sprays are now available in drip-free gel-spray form, and these thicker sprays are ideal to carry with you during cold weather or the allergy season. Make sure to order your favorite sinus sprays so that you will be prepared whenever colds or allergies cause you or your family discomfort due to blocked sinuses.