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Smoothing Shampoo

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Smoothing Shampoo

Smoothing shampoo helps combat curly, frizzy and otherwise unruly hair. This hair care product works with the natural enzymes in your hair to reduce uncontrolled twists, snags and other problems. Most smoothing shampoos work without adding additional oil or weight to the hair, though some traditional formulas may still employ these agents. A regimen that includes smoothing shampoo and conditioners can help your hair stay straight, clean and manageable.

Choosing a shampoo treatment

Smoothing shampoo products work best with hair that has naturally frizzy or curly tendencies. You should experiment with a variety of different hair care options, taking care to allow time between product changes to discover the shampoo's effects. Many smoothing shampoo products work to add volume and prevent oily scalp conditions as they straighten the natural fibers. Others may contain moisturizers that work to repair damage to your hair. Alternate these as needed until you discover the best product for your needs. Be aware of any other changes to your regimen. Some moisturizing products, including bath gels and soaps, may interfere with evaluation.

Shampoo variations

Many variations of smoothing shampoo products exist. These include shampoos for naturally straight hair and formulas that work well with thin, thick or oily hair types. Many smoothing conditioners work with these shampoos, and the products may be formulated to best work in combination. Other 2-in-1 shampoos will include both shampoo and conditioner to simplify the hair care process.

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