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Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free Toothpaste

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Sodium lauryl sulfate free toothpaste

Using toothpaste and a toothbrush to remove food debris and plaque on a daily basis is vital to the health of your teeth and your gums. Proper brushing diminishes the risk of tooth decay and inflammation of the gums that can lead to gingivitis and gum disease. When you're selecting the oral care products for your daily hygiene routine, you want to choose formulas that provide real benefits for your mouth, but if you have allergies and sensitivities, finding toothpaste that offers powerful cleaning benefits without risk of causing irritation can be a challenge. You simply can't stop brushing your teeth to avoid ingredients that might trigger a reaction from your sensitive immune system, as oral care is important to remaining in the best of health. Instead of avoiding toothpaste, you can opt for formulas that are designed to be extra gentle on the teeth, and you'll find numerous examples of such products in the ssodium lauryl sulfate free toothpaste department at Walgreens.

Options free of sodium lauryl sulfate to suit your needs

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a type of surfactant. In toothpaste, the surfactant helps to alter the structure of plaque that has collected along the dental enamel and gums. By changing the structure, sodium lauryl sulfate makes it easier for the plaque to be dissolved by water and removed from the mouth before it hardens into tartar. Although sodium lauryl sulfate is a very effective and useful ingredient to include in toothpaste, some people are hypersensitive to it and must avoid it. Sodium lauryl sulfate free toothpaste products are intended to meet the needs of these individuals as well as others who simply prefer products with a more natural base. In place of sodium lauryl sulfate, these toothpastes use surfactants derived from natural sources, so that they can still effectively lessen the amount of plaque on the teeth when you brush. Toothpaste products that are free of sodium lauryl sulfate come in various forms, including specialty products formulated to provide extra cavity protection and fortified with fluoride to strengthen the dental enamel.

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