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Soft Handle Scissors

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Soft handle scissors

Cutting paper, cardstock or fabric doesn't have to make your hands sore. Choose soft handle scissors that help reduce pressure on your hands and fingers. There are different lengths available from brand It's Academic, including five-inch and seven-inch varieties. You can also choose between different colors of soft handle scissors to find your favorite.

For more cutting needs

In addition to soft handle scissors, we carry other scissors for a variety of tasks here at Many feature other types of comfort grips to suit different needs and preferences. Bent scissors cut easily over flat surfaces and can be used on paper or fabric to simplify sewing or crafting. You can add decorative edges to cardstock with art scissors that are ideal for scrapbooking.

Getting prepped for school projects

You'll also find rulers, compasses and more to help you draw straight lines or arcs. Complete your art supplies kit with pens, pencils and watercolors. For displaying your work or projects, there is poster board in many different colors and thicknesses. Tri fold presentation boards can stand on their own to display your work.

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