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Stock up on your writing supplies with this wide selection of pencils and accessories in a variety of sizes and types. Whether you're looking to fill a school supply list for your child, purchase a few long-lasting refillables for work or you're looking to add a bit of color to your writing, the number of choices available ensures that you'll find just what you're looking for. Pencil accessories are available as well, with everything from eraser toppers to pencil grips to sharpeners intended to keep your writing neat and tidy.

Mechanical pencils

If precision work is what you require, then mechanical pencils are the answer to your needs. Mechanical pencils feature small tips that never require sharpening to keep your work crisp and consistent with every line written or drawn. Mechanical pencils can also come in refillable pencil models. Once you've used the lead within the pencil, you simply remove the pencil cap and slide in a new lead. Replacement pencil lead is packaged by size to ensure the same sized line from the replacement as you received with the previous lead.

Colored pencils

Pencils available for purchase also include colored pencils that add a touch of art to any piece of paper. There are many available colors, with larger collections containing a wider array of colors in subtler shades. For artwork, colored pencils are a commonly used drawing tool for children. Colored pencils made specifically for children feature easy-to-access pencil leads with no pencil sharpening required. For the more serious artist, colored pencils require a bit more attention for use. Using a pencil sharpener on professional level colored pencils regularly is necessary.

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