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Sports Knee Supports

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Sports knee supports

Make staying active easier by using sports knee supports. There are several types of athletic knee supports to choose from, including ones with rigid support for stability as well as knee straps for more moderate support. You can use a sports knee brace to keep your knee and ligaments aligned and help prevent further injury or strain. Browse our selection of sports knee supports from brands such as Champion, OTC Professional Orthopaedic and McDavid.

Minimize pain and strain

There are sport knee braces available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes as well as one-size-fits-most braces that are adjustable. You can choose the material of knee braces you prefer. There are breathable materials and neoprene braces that warm the muscles to encourage healing. Hinged knee braces can offer the most stability and protection for your ligaments, while other sports knee supports simply help prevent twisting or overextending your knee. We also carry padded knee supports to help protect your knees from scrapes and injury.

Braces and supports

We carry a wide selection of supports and braces for various parts of the body. There are wrist, abdominal, thigh and elbow supports and hand, ankle and back braces. You'll also find bandages and tape for your ankles, feet, legs, wrists and more.

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