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St. John's wort

If daily stress has you down in the dumps, taking St. John's wort vitamin tablets or capsules daily can help pick you up out of the doldrums. This dietary supplement is a traditional, natural remedy to help with mood swings and emotional imbalances that effect your energy level and make it hard for you to get through the day. Walgreens sells St. John's wort supplements form brands like Nature's Way and FoodScience of Vermont.


St. John's wort has been used as a natural remedy to relieve mild depressive moods for centuries. Taking 300 mg of this herbal extract in tablet, capsule, or liquid form on a daily basis can help stabilize your mood, put you in a positive mindset, and chase away your blues. This dietary supplement is the natural way to guard against stress and tension that can make you feel out of sorts and zap your energy. St. John's wort vitamins helps you stay healthy and maintain a happy outlook.

Herbal teas

St. John's wort also comes in an herbal tea that you can drink hot or cold whenever you need a pick-me-up. St. John's wort tea is caffeine-free and made from the best natural ingredients. Some varieties infuse the tea with additional herbal extracts such as lavender to help relieve tension and stress. Inner harmony is just a delicious cup of tea away when you have St. John's wort tea bags in your cupboard.