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Sugar free candy

Enjoy the flavors of many of the candies you love without the sugar with sugar free candy. These sugar free treats generally contain far fewer calories than other candies. You can choose between sugar free hard candy, toffees and gum. Many candy brands such as Russell Stover, Life Savers, and Trident offer sugar free candy that's great for diabetics or anyone who needs to reduce their sugar intake.

Maximum flavor, minimum sugar

Most sugar free candy is flavored with sugar alcohols or other products derived from sugar to give it a sweet taste. Besides candies, you can also find sugar free cookies and mints. Whether you're dieting or managing your blood glucose levels, you can help curb sweet cravings with these sugarless snacks.

Diabetes nutrition

You can also help satisfy hunger and prevent extreme sugar highs and lows with diabetes nutrition treatments that include shakes in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and other flavors. There are also diabetic snacks and cereals to help you begin the day without a blood sugar spike. We also carry many diabetes supplies, from alcohol prep pads, blood glucose monitors, diabetes test strips and lancets to foot creams and diabetic socks.