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Sunscreen Stick

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Sunscreen stick

For lightweight, comfortable sun protection, try using a sunscreen stick. These stick sunscreens go on dry, so they're simple and non-messy to use. Many sunscreen sticks from brands such as Neutrogena and Badger are oil-free and hypoallergenic to be gentle on many skin types. Choose from different SPFs to find the protection you need from potentially harmful UV rays.

For spot coverage

Sunscreen sticks can be especially useful for covering small areas that are prone to burning, such as the nose, forehead, ears or back of the neck. They're also convenient for carrying with you and applying whenever you need it. If you have a baby or young children, look for sunscreen sticks for babies that are formulated to be gentle on their delicate skin.

Sunscreens for the family

If you prefer to use products made of natural or organic ingredients and components, you can try natural sunscreen stick. Other forms of sunscreen, such as lotions, creams and sprays also come in natural varieties and other formulas such as sport and sensitive skin. Look for the SPF and forms of sunscreen that can keep you and your whole family protected and comfortable while in the sun.

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