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Surgical Wound Dressings

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Surgical wound dressings

If you are recovering from surgery at home or caring for someone who is, has a wide selection of surgical wound dressings. Have the type and style dressing that your doctor recommended handy when shopping to make sure you choose the correct one. You'll find hydrocolloid dressings, hydrofiber dressings and dressings with hydrogel for different types of wounds. Try a surgical wound dressing from brands such as AQUACEL, Medline or dynarex.

Finding what you need

Shopping for surgical wound dressings can be daunting if you are unfamiliar with the different wound dressing types and how they are most often used. Foam wound dressings can help prevent bacterial contamination, and dressings with hydrogel can maintain a moist environment for better wound healing. Hydrofiber dressings are generally formulated to kill pathogens in the dressing. Hydrocolloid dressings can be used with dermal and pressure ulcers as well as other wounds that drain.

More wound care

Medical bandages are just one of the items you may need to care for your post surgical site. We carry hydrogel which helps maintain a hydrated healing environment. Surgical sponges can help you clean the site and are disposable for easy cleanup. You'll also find gauze, cloth tape, and other first aid products here.

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