Tartar Control Toothpaste

Tartar Control Toothpaste

Tartar control toothpaste can help to protect dental health by removing the scaly deposits that can build up on your teeth. Controlling tartar is an important part of reducing your risk of gum disease, which is why your dentist might recommend that you use a tartar control toothpaste as part of your oral care routine. Brushing twice a day with tartar control toothpaste can reduce the deposits on your teeth, leaving your mouth clean and fresh.

What is Tartar?

No matter how careful your dental hygiene regime may be, bacteria will still exist in your mouth. These bacteria form a sticky film, known as plaque, which coats your teeth. Brushing your teeth each day can help remove this film. However, if you miss brushing your teeth or fail to remove every trace of plaque with your toothbrush, then it can harden into tartar. You might notice tartar appearing on your teeth as a scaly, yellow layer along the gum line. Tartar makes it difficult to brush and floss your teeth. It can also irritate your gums, leading to inflammation. Some people with tartar go on to develop serious gum disease.

What to Do About Tartar Build Up

Hard, scaly tartar is difficult to remove with a regular toothbrush and toothpaste. A dental hygienist can use special tooth cleaning equipment to remove the deposits and leave your teeth feeling clean and smooth. You can also use a tartar control toothpaste to reduce the risk of new tartar from forming. Using a tartar control toothpaste every day can help keep dental plaque from hardening into tartar. This can help prolong the beneficial effects of a professional cleaning.

Reducing Tartar with Tartar Control Toothpaste

Dentists recommend brushing your teeth with toothpaste at least twice a day. Each time you brush, it's advised to spend around two minutes carefully cleaning each surface of your teeth. Flossing can also remove plaque from the tiny gaps between teeth. Even with a good dental hygiene routine, some people find it difficult to remove all the plaque and find that they develop tartar between professional cleanings. Switching out your regular toothpaste for a tartar control toothpaste could help to reduce the appearance of tartar. As well as improving your oral health, reducing tartar can also leave your teeth looking and feeling smoother and cleaner. Many of these toothpastes contain sodium fluoride to help protect against tooth decay as well.