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Tear Free Shampoo

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Tear free shampoo

Cleanse your baby or child with gentle tear free shampoo. Most of these baby shampoos are also washes, so you can save time and space in your bathroom. This can also make it simpler to get all of your cleansing done at once. Here at, we carry tear free shampoo from brands such as Yes To and Burt's Bees.

Comfortable cleansing

Since many tear free shampoos are made with natural ingredients, they won't irritate your baby's skin or eyes. While they cleanse, they can also moisturize to help prevent baby's skin from drying out and becoming uncomfortable. Choose from tear free shampoos that can gently foam for effective cleansing and others that are made without fragrance to be extra gentle and hypoallergenic.

Baby care

Browse our wide selection of baby bath, skin and hair care products to keep your baby comfortable, clean and happy. There are additional washes for baby that cleanse and soften, as well as lotions that replenish their skin's natural moisture. Shop for sunscreen for children to keep their skin protected all day, throughout splashing, swimming and playing. There are also more natural and organic bath, skin and hair products available for eco-conscious families.

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