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Tension Headache Relief

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Tension headache relief

Tension headache relief helps get rid of mild to severe headache pain caused by muscle tension, emotional stress, caffeine withdrawal, or sleep deprivation. These over-the-counter headache remedies can be used alone or in combination with other methods of headache relief.

Choosing headache remedies

Headache remedies include both prescription and over-the-counter varieties. Some medicines that can help relieve a tension headache contain a single ingredient, such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or aspirin. Combination drugs may be more effective, however. These typically include two or more of these pain relief ingredients plus another ingredient, such as caffeine or a sedative. These added ingredients make the medicine more effective. Headaches caused by other conditions, such as those stemming from allergies, may not respond well to tension headache relief products and might require a different medication.

Using tension headache relief products

Tension headache relief products do not actually cure the headache, but they do relieve the pressure and pain temporarily. They should not be used more frequently than the directions specifically instruct because certain ingredients can cause organ damage if taken in high doses. Using over-the-counter headache medicine too often can also cause rebound headaches. If your headache does not go away while using these headache remedies, you might need migraine headache relief, allergy medication, or a prescription version instead. In addition to using headache medication, you might also try massage, bed rest, or relaxation techniques to ease the tension that causes the headaches.

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