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The Clapper

Avoid climbing out of bed or walking across the room just to turn off a light with the Clapper. Recognize the "clap on, clap off" tag line? Using the Clapper is truly as easy as that. The original version works with a simple clap pattern, accommodates two household appliances and fits into tight, inconvenient spaces. The Clapper Plus improves upon the original design by including a remote control to carry with you, which features settings that allow for use as a deterrent device that activates with even the slightest sound made by unwanted visitors to your home. Add an additional remote for multiple spots in your home or just to use as a replacement for a lost controller.

Simplify your life with one clap

Most popularly used for activating and deactivating lighting, the Clapper also works well with televisions, stereos, fans, space heaters and other home appliances. While some delight in the rhythmic clapping to activate and deactivate devices, remote controls included with the Clapper Plus give you the same functionality with just the touch of a button.