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Find the right relief fast.(TM) Cough and cold. Get relief.
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TheraFlu cold and flu relief products include packets that are easy to mix with hot water to make a soothing hot drink that helps control cold and flu symptoms. TheraFlu also offers liquid formulas that contain decongestants, fever reducers and cough suppressants that help relieve the discomfort caused by minor upper respiratory infections.

Liquid cough relief

You can choose between four liquid TheraFlu childrens cough, cold and flu remedies. Three different cherry-flavored TheraFlu Warming Relief syrups are available. Of the two that are meant for daytime relief, one is recommended for sore throat pain and the other is particularly intended for sinus pain relief. A third cherry-flavored TheraFlu Warming Relief syrup is meant for night use, especially when a cold or flu is accompanied by severe coughing. Orange-flavored TheraFlu Warming Relief liquid includes an ingredient that relieves chest congestion, and all four TheraFlu products contain acetaminophen for pain relief and fever reduction.

Hot relief mix

One packet of TheraFlu cold and flu remedy powder dissolved in a cup of hot water makes a comforting hot fruit-flavored drink that contains time-tested ingredients for fighting the symptoms of colds and flu. All six varieties of TheraFlu powder contain acetaminophen for reducing fevers and relieving pain. Lemon-flavored TheraFlu is available in formulas for fighting sinus congestion, chest congestion and sore throat pain, as well as in a regular and a sugar-free formula for use at night. Apple-cinnamon flavored TheraFlu includes an antihistamine for fighting hay fever, and it can be used for treating colds during allergy season.