Trojan Condoms

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Trojan condoms

Trojan condoms come in many different varieties, from basic non-lubricated condoms to condoms with high-tech warming lubricants. When you use these condoms properly, you can help protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies. Most of the available types of Trojan condoms are made out of latex.

Latex condoms

Some of these latex condoms are lubricated and some are not. If you purchase unlubricated condoms, a personal lubricant might be a welcome addition to your nightstand. Some of the lubricated condoms feature a spermicide that adds extra protection against accidental pregnancies. Trojan condoms also come in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from ultra thin to thick. For variety, you can try a ribbed condom or a Trojan condom with a warming lubricant, both of which are designed to be pleasurable for both partners.

Polyurethane condoms and considerations

For individuals with latex sensitivities, Trojan makes polyurethane condoms. Whichever type of condom you choose, be sure that you purchase the proper size so that the condom fits properly. The condom is more effective if it fits properly. Additionally, some styles of Trojan condoms have a tapered fit so that they fit more securely, and some feature a reservoir tip for extra security. These condoms come in a variety of different size packages, ranging from single-condom packs to packages containing 36 condoms. While no birth control can be 100% effective, Trojan aims to ensure the reliability of its products. Each Trojan condom is tested electronically.