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Umbrellas protect you from rain or sun, and they come in a variety of styles and colors. Umbrellas are not the only option for protective rain gear, but they are one of the most popular. Rain coats and ponchos are alternatives to an umbrella. Many umbrellas, especially smaller ones, come with a carrying case that allow you to slide your umbrella into it when not in use.

Classic stick umbrellas

Classic stick umbrellas provide a large coverage area and also fold down into a long thin profile for storage. These umbrellas traditionally come in black, but colored umbrellas and umbrellas with decorative patterns are other popular options for those choosing to make a fashion statement with their rain gear. Most traditional models require the user to slide the umbrella open manually and then lock it in place. Modern versions may have a button on the handle that allows for automatic opening.

Portable umbrellas

Portable umbrellas are shorter than stick umbrellas when closed because they are designed to fit into a bag or purse for easy transport. Most mini umbrellas also have a smaller diameter when open, and therefore a smaller area of protection, than stick umbrellas. However, mini umbrellas with a larger coverage area are also available. Kids umbrellas have a child-sized diameter when opened.

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