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Uplift Chair

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Uplift Chair

An uplift chair is an ideal way to make sure you can get up and down easily from your chair. The uplift chair provides the added assistance of each sit and stance by adjusting to your desired position. Each uplift chair is created to look natural and beautiful in any interior space.

Medical chairs

Medical chairs are ideal for the homes of the elderly, or for those with disabilities or problems rising from a sitting position. Uplift chairs are made to look like normal furniture, so it won't look like a piece of medical equipment. Some types of uplift chairs look like stylish wing chairs. You can even get a medical lift ottoman to match. Some lift chairs raise by lifting the entire chair off of the ground with a lever. Others use an internal mechanism that is located in the main cushion of the uplift chair.

Styles of uplifts

Uplift chairs can come in a variety of colors and styles. While some may be heavy, smaller lift chairs like the wing uplift chair are light enough to move with ease. Some types of medical lift chairs need to be placed away from a wall in order to prevent scratching when the chair is lifted. An uplift chair may also have a stable body that allows only the cushion to move as you get up. This type of chair can be placed anywhere, since it does not move the body of the chair when you get up. Many uplift chairs are stylish and come in the shape of recliners or wing chairs.

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