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For more than a hundred years, Vaseline's petroleum jelly product has been a trusted skin care product. offers many Vaseline products, including the original Vaseline, for a range of skincare needs. Today, Vaseline makes skin products as varied as skin lotions to chapstick as well as their signature petroleum jelly.

Petroleum jelly products

Petroleum jelly is a topical ointment that is typically used to protect and heal skin. The Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly Skin Protectant formula is designed to protect minor injuries like scrapes and cuts, relieve cracked skin, and defend the skin against the effects of cold weather. Petroleum jelly is easy to apply to the affected area of the skin for temporary relief. Vaseline makes a lip ointment designed to repair dry, cracked lips and provide hydration for soft lips. This lip product comes in a small container that is small enough to carry with you throughout the day, so you can hydrate and soothe your lips anytime.

Other Vaseline products

Vaseline has incorporated the healing and soothing properties of the original petroleum jelly product into other skincare creations. Vaseline's body lotions have the benefit of petroleum jelly for added hydration. Some of these body lotions contain other additives, including aloe and cocoa, to promote healthy, soft skin. Some lotions are designed for use on both the body and face, so the product can be used to refresh skin all over. Begin to hydrate your skin before you even get out of the shower with Vaseline hydrating body gels, body wash products that include a light moisturizer.

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