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Vera Wang

Find women's perfumes, body lotions or men's colognes from Vera Wang here at Walgreens.com. There are several different scents to choose from, including Bouquet, Princess, Look and Sheer Veil. You can also find some Vera Wang scents in lotions, so you can layer your favorite fragrance to make it last for hours and hours.

A fragrance for every occasion

If you have a Vera Wang signature scent, you can browse to see if it is available in more than one size to fit your needs. If you like to change things up and match your fragrance to an occasion, outfit or season, you can look at the fragrance notes to find the Vera Wang perfumes that will suit your senses.

Gifts for all

You can also give your husband or boyfriend a cologne or cologne gift set. You can also put together a nice gift with a Vera Wang perfume and body lotion in the same scent. Not sure what fragrance to pick for your loved one? The fragrance notes will tell you the blend of scents in each cologne, so you can find the ones that appeal to you.