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Volumizing Hair Mousse

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Volumizing hair mousse

Volumizing hair mousse has a thick consistency that adds volume and hold to your hair. The products are effective at holding your hairstyle in place for a special occasion or everyday use. offers hair mousse from a number of well-known manufacturers like Joico, Nexxus and TIGI.

Choosing the right hair foam

Choosing the right hair foam is rough because there are so many different products on the market. You can find volumizing hair mousse that comes in a foam, gel or spray form. The spray form sometimes leaves behind sticky residue on your hair. However, the spray is also easy to use. The foam version has a thicker consistency that almost looks like whipped cream. You must use your hands when applying the foam. This lets you apply the mousse exactly where you need it. The gel mousse has great holding powers but it can be messy.

Add protection with mousse

Volumizing hair mousse keeps every hair on your head exactly where you want it. The mousse also adds volume to your hair, making it look fuller or thicker. When you want more than just hold or volume, reach for a heat protection mousse. This type of mousse reduces the effects of using a hairdryer on your hair. You can also find a texturing mousse, which adds volume and texture to your hair. You can even find a weightless volumizing mousse. This type of mousse adds the hold and volume that you want without weighing down your hair or making it feel heavy.

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