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Watches serve as functional and stylish pieces of jewelry that can be appropriate for any occasion. Explore the selection of casual, dressy, and athletic watches at and have you choice shipped right to your front door. Walgreens sells watches from brands like Dakota Watch Company and Mio.


Timepieces and watches have been a staple of the jewelry market for many years. While some people purchase watches primarily for their function, others see watches as a unique fashion statement. Find the right watch for you by deciding on the right band and face. Watch bands can vary in their thickness and material. Women's watches and watches designed for formal occasions are more likely to have thin, metal bands, while men's watches and sports watches often have larger bands and faces. A sports watch made with a strong plastic or resin band is durable enough to withstand regular activity and is often the best choice for people with active lifestyles or physical jobs. Consider your overall lifestyle when choosing a watch, since many watches provide a wealth of helpful features. Diving watches are water-resistant, and many athletic watches provide tools for fitness tracking.

Watch accessories

Many watches run on batteries that occasionally need to be replaced, so you will want to purchase an additional set of batteries to have when needed. Watch batteries come in various sizes and kinds, so check the back of your watch or its instruction manual to ensure that you order the right kind. Replacement watch bands are useful for replacing a worn band or updating the look of your watch.

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