Water Based Lube

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Water Based Lube

Adequate lubrication can make any sexual experience more comfortable and satisfying for both parties. Unfortunately, the amount of lubrication a woman naturally produces may be reduced due to medications, stress or changes in estrogen level after menopause. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy satisfying sex. Walgreens offers a large selection of water based lubes. These products provide lubricating moisture to enhance intercourse. You can also use them as a moisturizer to ease vaginal dryness. Doctors often recommend vaginal moisturizers and lubricant products for women who don't produce enough lubrication or who prefer extra lubrication.

Personal Lubricant Gels

With personal lubricant gels, you're in control. Keep a bottle or tube handy in preparation for sex or use it to ease vaginal dryness. Made with lubricating ingredients like glycerin, you can enjoy water-soluble lubrication when you need it. Choose from water based lubricants with a thick gel texture that's quick and easy to apply and easily stays in place.

Glycerin Free Lubricants

Personal lubricants are available without glycerin for men and women sensitive to this ingredient. Such lubricants are formulated with other moisturizing and lubricating ingredients that keep skin and tissues moist and slippery. If you're sensitive to glycerin or parabens, read the label carefully to ensure the product you choose is glycerin and paraben-free.

Fragrance Free Lubricants

Looking for lubrication without added fragrance and odor? If you're sensitive to fragrances, you have options. Lubricants are available without added fragrance. Hypoallergenic formulations are also available for allergy-prone or sensitive skin. Many of these lubricants are colorless, non-sticky and won't discolor or stain surfaces or skin. You can apply them without fear of discoloration. Clean up is a breeze!

Scented Lubricants

You can also choose from water based lubes with light, pleasant fragrances. These lubricants offer long-lasting moisture and comfort as well as ease dryness.

Flavored Lubricants

For a little adventure, explore the world of flavored, water based lubricants. These lubricants are available in enticing flavors which can make oral sex more enjoyable.

Warming Lubricants

Some people like the feel of warming lubricants which can heighten sensations and provide a tingling feeling. Warming lubricants are formulated to provide gentle heat upon contact and throughout the sexual experience.

Natural Lubricants

Also available are natural lubricants. These lubricants are typically formulated with plant-based and herbal ingredients, some of which may be certified organic. Lubricants are also available that contain no animal-based ingredients. These lubricants are often free of synthetic ingredients like glycerin and parabens.

Are Water Based Lubes Safe to Use with Condoms?

Many water based lubricants, but not all, are compatible with condoms. Plus, not all lubricants are safe for use with all types of condoms. For example, some lubricants aren't safe with latex condoms. Using some lubricants with condoms made of latex can damage the fabric of the condom and make it less protective. If you plan on using a lubricant with a condom, read the label carefully to ensure it's safe with the condom you're using. If you have any questions, ask your doctor or health care provider.