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Watermelon Candy

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Watermelon Candy

Few flavors can compete with watermelon when it comes to recalling a refreshing treat on a summer day. The popular, juicy fruit has been condensed into a flavoring that might help define some of your favorite candies. From hard candies to gummies to licorice to chewing gum, it's easy for watermelon fans to fulfill their cravings for tasty sweets. You can find a wide selection of watermelon candy available here at Walgreens.

Watermelon Hard Candies

Hard candies are popular among both kids and adults. In fact, many people like hard candies to keep their mouths moist. Watermelon is a unique flavor of hard candy because it manages to be sweet without being overpowering. You might find individual hard candies with a watermelon flavor, which can be sucked on for several minutes at a time before disappearing. Larger watermelon-flavored lollipops, on the other hand, are designed to last a long time and might encourage you to take breaks before coming back for more.

Gummy Candy and Chewing Gum

Other popular varieties of watermelon candy include gummy candies, watermelon-flavored licorice, and chewing gum. Some gummy candies are designed to be entirely sweet, but others are coated in sour sugar--which creates a unique juxtaposition of flavors that changes the longer you chew. Other gummy candies might start off like hard candies before getting chewy the longer you suck on them. You can even find marshmallow candies that are flavored like watermelon, putting a unique twist on these classic treats. Watermelon licorice products may open up this popular type of candy as an option for people who aren't fans of traditional red or black licorice, but who also still enjoy the texture of these sweets. Chewing gum is another popular type of candy--especially among people who want their mouths to constantly be active. You can find watermelon-flavored gum in varieties with and without sugar, so it's easy to pick up a pack that adheres to your particular dietary and dental needs.

Browse the selection of watermelon candy available from Walgreens, and you'll easily find something great to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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