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Candy maker George Smith is credited with inventing the lollipop, naming his creation after his favorite racehorse Lolly Pop. That was back in 1908, and lollipops have been a beloved sweet candy treat ever since. Lollipops have come a long way since they were first invented and now are available in a wide range of flavors and in specialty varieties. No matter what type of lollipop you're craving, Walgreens is sure to have the perfect treat to satisfy with a wide range of tasty options.

Traditional Lollipop Products

Traditional lollipops start off as a blend of sugar and corn syrup, which is heated to produce a thick liquid. Then, flavors and coloring are added, and the candy is spread into thin sheets and rolled flat. After being cut into round shapes, the lollipops are finished with sticks, cooled and individually wrapped. You can find lollipops in many delicious flavors and with different types of sticks. Some lollipops even have treats like chocolate candies or bubblegum in their middles. Typically, lollipops are sold in packages that provide you with many lollipops. The packages may be labeled with ounce ratings or with the number of lollipops that they contain.

Natural and Organic Lollipops

If you're committed to eating a diet that consists entirely or primarily of natural foods, you don't have to give up the special treat of enjoying a lollipop. Manufacturers now offer lollipops that are made entirely from natural ingredients. With these candies, the flavors and colors are derived from fruit juices and extracts from plants. Some natural lollipops even carry organic certification, meaning that they meet the purity standards of a third-party government agency or organization.

Special Lollipops for Special Needs

Today, you can find lollipops that are made to do more than just please the palate. The manufacturers of cough drops now offer lollipops made out of the same ingredients as lozenges, so that you can soothe a sore throat or ease a cough while enjoying a lollipop. You can also find lollipops designed to help people accomplish health and wellness goals, such as losing weight or quitting smoking.

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