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Wax Hair Removers

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Wax hair removers

Wax hair removers remove unwanted hair by taking it out from the root. When you remove your hair with this method, the hair stays away longer than shaving. Additionally, when the hair does grow back, it is thinner than before. Walgreens carries hair waxing products from well-known brands like Veet and Sally Hansen.

Wax strip kits

Wax hair removers can be used anywhere on the body. If you are using a wax strip kit, take a close look at the size of the strips to ensure you purchase the right size whether you wish to wax your eyebrows or legs. Wax strips can also be used in the underarm area as well as on the face.

Types of wax hair removal

Wax hair removers can be applied as a hot or cold wax treatment. Hot wax treatments tend to grip the hair better and do not leave behind stick residue. On the other hand, cold wax treatments are much quicker and are effective on any type of hair. Some things to consider when comparing the two include the skin irritation that tends to be more severe with cold waxing and the fact the hot waxing grips coarse hair better.

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