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Waxed Floss

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Waxed floss

A high-quality dental floss, such as waxed floss, should be used as part of every person's dental hygiene routine. Waxed floss is simple to use and provides benefits that brushing alone cannot provide. Some of the biggest brands that sell floss are Reach and Dentek.

Choosing dental floss

When choosing dental floss, you have a choice between unwaxed floss and waxed floss. Waxed floss has a wax coating that makes it easier to slip between your teeth and remove built-up plaque and food particles trapped there. It is shred-resistant, so you need not worry about small threads becoming trapped between your teeth. You can choose from mint floss or plain dental floss with no flavoring. You can also choose satin floss, which has a flatter surface. Another option is to choose floss picks, which have a small piece of floss attached to a pick that can be used to remove stubborn debris between teeth.

Dental care products

Waxed floss is just one of the many dental care products available at In addition to dental floss, you should also stock up on toothpaste and toothbrushes to maintain good oral hygiene. You might also want to try a powered toothbrush, which uses a battery to power a rotating brush head, or a sonic toothbrush, which uses sound waves to shake food particles and plaque out from between teeth and thoroughly cleans the teeth surfaces. Practicing proper dental care, including the use of waxed floss, can help keep cavities and gum disease at bay.

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