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Women’s Razors at Walgreens

Shaving is a quick and simple method of removing hair from the legs, underarms, bikini line and other areas of the body, and there are many kinds of women's razors available to meet a variety of needs. Walgreens can help you find the best option for your hair removal routine with a large selection of women's razors waiting to be discovered online and in stores.

Regular razors vs. disposable razors

There are two main categories of razors: regular and disposable. A disposable razor has a one-piece design. You use one until the blades become dull and then throw the entire razor away. Generally, disposable razors are economically priced, and some people find replacing the entire razor to be convenient.

Regular women's razors have a replaceable head and a reusable handle. The head usually features two or more blades. In some cases, a moisturizing or lather bar surrounds the blades. Some brands design handles that fit with multiple heads, giving you the freedom to customize your shave. Women may also prefer regular razors because they create less waste. Ongoing costs of using regular razors may also be lower compared to the price of buying disposable razors.

How long do women's razors last?

Generally, disposable women's razors and the heads on regular razors last through 10 uses. Women with coarse hair may need to replace their razors more frequently, and those with very fine hair may find that blades stay sharper for a little longer. If you wait a long time between shaves and notice rust or other discoloration on the blade, you should replace your razor or head no matter how many times you've already used it.

Types of razors based on need

When choosing women's razors, think about your needs and preferences. If you're looking for a razor to use only while traveling, a disposable razor may be a good solution because you can throw it away at the end of your trip. Disposables can also be an excellent choice when providing toiletries for overnight guests in your home or a rental unit.

If you frequently develop redness, itching or irritation after shaving, consider women's razors designed for sensitive skin. Manufacturers design the blades of these razors to create less friction, lowering the likelihood of irritation. When shaving difficult-to-reach areas like the bikini line, razors with ergonomic or comfort grip handles may improve your control. For curved areas like the bikini area and underarms, a razor with a flexible head may help you get a closer shave. Mini razors are also available for precise work like trimming the eyebrows or touching up the bikini line.

Women's razors with moisture strips may be beneficial for individuals prone to dry skin. These razors deposit a hydrating gel or cream as you shave to replenish lost hydration. Lather bar razors may eliminate the need for a shaving cream or gel or allow you to use less of your normal shaving lubricant. Those prone to skin irritation may wish to use a lather bar razor plus their regular shave cream or gel to minimize friction.

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