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Alcohol Tests

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Alcohol Tests at Walgreens

Alcoholic beverages are frequently a part of celebrations and get-togethers. While having a cocktail, a beer or a glass of wine can get you into the spirit of the festivities, it's important to drink responsibly. Alcohol tests can help you better monitor your intake of alcohol, so that you can make smart decisions when you choose to drink. Walgreens makes it simple to purchase an alcohol testing device with an assortment of products available online and in stores. We also carry a number of replacement parts and accessories for popular alcohol testing breathalyzer models.

Why Test?

Impairment begins with your first drink of alcohol, and for many people, it's difficult to tell just how inebriated you are once you begin to drink. Alcohol testing can give you a clear picture of how intoxicated you are.

Breathalyzers for Testing

Breathalyzers are electronic devices commonly used for alcohol testing. With all breathalyzers, you collect a breath sample by blowing into a tube. After a few seconds, the screen on the breathalyzer will reveal what your blood alcohol content is. The number is displayed as a percentage.

Types of Breathalyzers

There are two main types of portable breathalyzers available for alcohol testing: semiconductor oxide and fuel cell. Semiconductor oxide-based testers use a tin-oxide sensor to measure blood alcohol levels, while fuel cell models analyze breath samples using an electrochemical process driven by two platinum electrodes. Generally, semiconductor oxide breathalyzers are more economical, while fuel cell models offer a slightly higher degree of accuracy and are the type often used by law enforcement and medical professionals.

Choosing the Right Model

In addition to comparing the type of sensor found in various breathalyzer units, you can compare other features to choose the best model for your needs. Some breathalyzers use disposable batteries, while others are powered by rechargeable batteries and can be plugged into the wall or a cigarette lighter in a vehicle when the battery is depleted. To simplify interpreting the results, some breathalyzers have an audible chime or alarm that signals when blood alcohol levels are over the legal limit for driving. You may also want to compare the display screens of the breathalyzers, so that you can select one that is easy for you to read.

Accessories and Replacement Parts for Your Breathalyzer

Breathalyzers are reusable, but some of their parts are intended to be replaced with each use. Many models feature disposable mouthpieces or have disposable covers that you can slip over the mouthpieces to keep conditions sanitary. You can also find wall adapters, AC adapters and other accessories for some breathalyzer models.