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Ankle Braces

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Ankle Braces at Walgreens

Ankle braces work by providing support and compression for the ankle. They’re often worn to provide support following an ankle injury or to prevent an injury from occurring. There are many varieties of ankle braces available depending on personal preference, physical activity levels, and any recommendations from a healthcare provider. Ankle braces in different sizes, shapes, colors, and support levels are all available for purchase in stores or online at Walgreens.

Why wear an ankle brace?

The muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones in the ankle provide important support to the rest of the body during many types of movement. Occasionally, certain conditions or injuries can cause damage or irritation to the ankle that requires additional support, physical therapy, or other treatment. Ankle braces can keep the ankle in a certain position to prevent pain, help heal an injury, or prevent injury from occurring during some physical activities.

How to choose an ankle brace

Choosing the best ankle brace for you depends on your needs and activity levels.

  • An ankle sleeve can provide mild support to the ankle during low-stress activities such as walking
  • Braces with adjustable straps to control compression and tightness may be better suited to more involved activities like yardwork or hiking.
  • For athletes or people who play sports, an ankle brace with laces and adjustable straps may allow for even better control over the pressure and placement on the ankle.

How long should you wear an ankle brace?

If you experience an ankle injury and are feeling pain or your symptoms are not improving, contact your healthcare provider. They can help determine the severity of your injury and the best treatment course for you. They may recommend a certain type of ankle brace, and will provide information about when to wear the brace and for how long.

Following an ankle injury, many healthcare providers may recommend starting with a very supportive brace and moving to lighter support as the injury heals. People choosing to wear ankle braces to prevent injury might only wear their brace during certain activities or times of day, and duration of use may vary.

With a wide variety of ankle brace options to choose from, a pharmacist or healthcare provider can help you find the best fit for you and your needs.