Baby Feeding Essentials

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Baby Feeding Essentials at Walgreens

Your little one's diet has a big impact on growth and development, making it important that you follow your pediatrician's recommendations regarding feeding. Whether you're breastfeeding, bottle feeding or introducing your child to solid foods, Walgreens can make meal time for your baby as easy as possible. We carry a wide range of baby feeding essentials with products that are ideal for every developmental stage and for all nutritional needs. You can browse our selection of baby feeding products online to make your purchase or find out what's available in your nearest Walgreens store.

Products for Breastfeeding

Breast milk contains the ideal blend of nutrients to support growth and development, making it the perfect food for newborns and babies. A variety of breastfeeding supplies are available to make this process easier. A breast pump can help you continue to nurse when you return to work or are away from your baby. Manual and electric options are available as well as bottle systems that coordinate with popular pumps. If you develop sore nipples or experience leaks, you can purchase nipple creams and nursing pads to address your concerns.

Everything You Need to Bottle Feed

Infant formula is strictly regulated to ensure that it supplies the right mix of nutrients for growing babies. As a result, infant formula can serve as a nutritious, healthy alternative or supplement to breastmilk as needed. To feed your baby breastmilk, you will need baby bottles. Typically, newborns and young infants use small bottles with low flow nipples. As your child grows, you can move onto larger bottles with nipples that have larger openings for a faster flow. Some babies require orthodontic nipples or anti-colic bottles and nipples to address medical or oral health concerns. Your pediatrician can recommend the best type of bottle for your baby. In addition to purchasing bottles, you may want to consider buying a bottle brush and rack to simplify cleaning and storage.

Essentials for Transitioning to Solid Foods

Most babies are ready for solid foods sometime between the ages of 4 and 11 months. Your pediatrician can let you know when it's time to introduce solids and what first foods are best to try. At Walgreens, you'll find everything that you need to begin serving baby food, infant cereals and finger foods to your child. We carry dishes for children including unbreakable bowls and plates, silverware sized for babies' small mouths, sippy cups and food storage containers.

Solutions for Simplifying Feedings

The right products can help make feeding your baby a simpler task. Bibs and placemats can cut down on messes due to drips, spills and spit-up and are available in a wide range of colors and styles. Highchairs make it easier to feed your baby when you're sitting at the dinner table, and booster seats allow toddlers to reach the table when they outgrow their highchairs.