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Diapers at Walgreens

The average baby goes through six to 10 diapers every day. That means in just one year, your little one may use 2,000 to 3,000 diapers. Although the number of diapers your child uses may be staggering, shopping for them doesn't have to be. Walgreens makes it easy for you to stay stocked up on diapers for your child with a diverse assortment of products you can purchase online to pick up at your local Walgreens store or have delivered right to your door.

Options for Every Age

Starting your search for the perfect diaper begins with size. If a diaper doesn't fit properly, it may leak or cause your little one discomfort. Diaper sizing is usually based on a baby's weight. Each brand develops its own sizing system, so you'll need to check the product descriptions to find out which size is best for your child.

Brands tend to create products with development stages in mind. Options for newborns often fit more tightly to give infants the cozy feeling of being swaddled. Diapers for older babies may be cut higher at the sides, giving their legs more mobility for taking those first steps. If you already know your child's size, you can use the menu on the left to display only diapers of a specific size.

Making Potty-Training Simpler

Once your child is ready for the potty, you may want to switch to training pants. These diapers look and feel more like underwear, and their closure systems make it possible for kids to pull them up and down independently. At the same time, training pants provide the absorbency of diapers to handle accidents. Even after your child becomes accustomed to the potty, you may wish to continue using absorbent nighttime underwear in case of bed-wetting.

Solutions for Splashy Fun

When it's time to head to the shore or the pool, swim diapers give you peace of mind. These specially designed diapers have water-resistant exteriors that keep them from drawing in moisture when your baby or toddler swims. This helps to prevent the swelling that occurs with conventional diapers and makes leaks less likely to occur. Swim diapers come in a range of sizes based on weight, just like conventional diapers.

Keeping Baby's Skin Clean and Healthy

It’s important to thoroughly clean your baby's diaper area during each change. Baby wipes can be thrown away after use, making them a simpler, more sanitary solution than wiping your little one with a wet washcloth. You can purchase wipes in small packs for traveling and larger quantities to stock up for home use.

Greening Your Diapering Routine

When purchasing disposable diapers, many parents opt for eco-friendly products, which are often made with sustainable materials that have a lower environmental impact. Green diapers are also frequently manufactured without chlorine processing and are free of chemical dyes and synthetic fragrances.