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Bald Head Care Products at Walgreens

Many men choose to go bald following hair loss to stay cool in warm weather, to simplify hair care and grooming or to sport a clean-shaven look. Whether you shave your head or are naturally bald, it's important that you don't neglect your scalp. When completely exposed, scalp tissue requires special care to remain in the best of health, and Walgreens can help you find the products that you need to promote healthy, smooth skin. You can shop our full selection of bald head care solutions online or in your local Walgreens store.

Getting a Close Shave

Even men who are losing their hair often need to shave at least some of their scalp to get a smooth, completely bald look. While it's possible to shave your head with a conventional razor, getting great results can be difficult. Conventional men's razors have small blades that are designed to fit the contours of the face. Using them to shave your head can be time consuming and make it hard to reach every inch of your scalp. To solve this problem, some brands offer specially designed head razors that cover a large area and better fit the curves of the scalp. These tools typically feature reusable handles and replaceable blades.

Addressing Irritation

Post-shaving irritation occurs due to friction produced by the razor as it moves along the skin. You can greatly reduce the risk of irritation occurring by applying a shaving cream or gel to your scalp prior to shaving. Keeping your razor equipped with sharp blades can also lower the likelihood of your skin becoming irritated due to shaving. Even if you take these steps, it's possible to experience irritation after shaving your scalp. Fortunately, you can ease discomfort and redness by applying a post-shave treatment that contains skin-soothing ingredients. Some products may also minimize ingrown hairs.

Promoting Healthy Skin

All day long, moisture evaporates from the skin on your scalp. If you don't take steps to replace this moisture, the scalp area can become dehydrated. Signs of dry scalp skin include itching, redness and flaking. You can address these symptoms and reduce the risk of future dryness by applying a bald head moisturizer once or twice per day. Moisturizers provide extra hydration to soften and condition the scalp. Some products also leave behind a glossy shine that many men find appealing.

Protecting Your Scalp

For bald men, sun protection is incredibly important, as exposure to ultraviolet (UV) energy can cause painful sunburns and increase the risk of premature signs of aging and some forms of skin cancer. To shield your scalp from the sun, you can apply sunscreen. Products formulated for the face are often ideal for the scalp. When shopping for sunscreen for your head, pay attention to the Sun Protection Factor ratings. Products with higher SPF levels filter out more of the sun's UVB rays.