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Bald Head Care at Walgreens

Whether you're losing your hair naturally or just prefer being clean-shaven, many men find that they enjoy keeping their heads bald. While it does certainly cut down on your everyday grooming tasks, maintaining a shaved head requires you to use a few dedicated tools. Walgreens has a wide selection of products for bald head care to help support the health and appearance of your scalp.

Shaving Your Head for the First Time

The first time you shave your head (or when you have gone for more than a few weeks in between shaves), you will need to begin by using a trimmer that is designed to shorten the hair without entirely removing it. Once you have gone over your entire head with one of these clippers, then you can actually break out the razor. It's up to you whether you choose a manual or electric razor to shave your head, though both have their pros and cons. Some men feel like they get a closer shave with a manual razor, but electric razors are much less likely to cut your scalp in the process. You should wash your hair with very warm water in order to soften the strands and then always shave in the same direction as your hair growth.

Maintaining a Shaved Head

Unless you have gone naturally bald, you may need to re-shave your head as often as every day in order to maintain smoothness. Some men will use the same electric razor on their heads as they use to shave facial hair. If you go with this option, it's important to replace the head of your razor more often than you might otherwise in order to keep the blades as sharp as possible. If you choose to go the manual route, you may want to opt for a razor that is designed specifically for head shaving. These products are built ergonomically so that the blade is tilted at a less awkward angle than everyday razors, and they make it easier for you to target the areas that you can't see as well (such as the back of your head).

Caring for a Bald Head

Caring for your shaved head is important so that the skin doesn't get irritated or damaged. Many men like to use an aftershave product on their heads once hair has been removed. Aftershave can be helpful to keep your scalp from drying out and protect against ingrown hairs and unsightly razor bumps. You can decide whether to use shampoo or your regular soap when cleaning your bald head, but make sure to choose a product that won't dry out your skin. Additionally, you should moisturize your scalp often to protect your skin from getting irritated. Most importantly, always wear either a hat or sunscreen on your head whenever you plan to spend time outside. Not only is your head an uncomfortable place to get sunburned, but sun damage also increases the chance of skin cancer.

Bald heads are more "in style" today than ever before, so you should take pride in yours. Browse the selection of products available from Walgreens, and you can find all the tools you need to keep your head smooth and healthy.