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Bath & Body Gifts & Value Sets

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Bath and Body at Walgreens

Proper skin care doesn't stop at your neck. Every inch of your skin needs care and attention to remain soft and supple. Bath and body products can help you promote healthy skin from head to toe and turn your baths into truly pampering experiences. With bath and body sets, you can purchase an assortment of products designed to complement one another, making it easy to get on the path to achieving healthier skin all over. Walgreens offers a diverse assortment of body and bath sets online and in stores. Shop now to find the perfect choice for your skin's needs.

Bringing the Spa Home

You don't have to visit a spa to enjoy the benefits of a rejuvenating skin care treatment. The right set can help you create that tranquil spa environment at home. Spa gift sets often include candles and scented bath and skin care products that delight the senses. Some give you all the essentials for recreating spa treatments at home. These sets may include tools like loofahs and brushes.

Enhancing Your Bathing Ritual

An extended soak in the tub allows you to take a break from your day and deeply relax. Bath gift sets can enhance your bathing ritual and provide skincare benefits at the same time. These sets may contain a variety of products. Bubble baths, bath salts and bath bombs condition the water and surround you with pleasant fragrances. Bath oils also scent bathwater while hydrating the skin. After you dry off, you can slather on a body lotion or balm to lock in hydration and help soften and smooth your skin.

Sets That Address Top Concerns

If skin care issues have you wanting to cover up, body and bath sets can help you take steps to address your concerns. Targeted sets feature products that work together to provide a solution for common skin care problems like dryness, stretch marks and cellulite deposits. The product types featured in these sets vary. Cleansing body washes , skin care tools , body treatments and hydrating body moisturizers are often included. Use the menu at the left to shop for sets by concern, and click on any of the sets featured in this selection to find out what they contain.

Extra Pampering for Your Hands and Feet

Your hands and feet work hard every day. As you walk in your shoes and work with your hands, the skin is subjected to friction that can cause irritation and roughness. Both your hands and feet are also susceptible to dryness. Fortunately, you can use body and bath sets to address these concerns. Hand and foot care gift sets usually contain moisturizing hand creams for replenishing lost hydration. In some cases, gloves or socks may be included to help seal in the hydration. In some sets, you'll find scrubs and exfoliating tools that help lift away dead, thickened skin. Others feature tools you can use for pampering hand and foot massages at home.