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Hand Moisturizer at Walgreens

Your hands work hard every day, whether you're doing manual labor, shuffling through papers at the office, or cleaning the kitchen after dinner. These everyday activities can strip your hands of moisture, which makes a daily hand moisturizer an essential part of your skin care routine. At Walgreens, you can find a variety of hand moisturizers that can transform your dry, chapped hands into soft, smooth, and nourished ones.

Causes of Dry Skin

Dry skin can affect your skin from head to toe, but some areas are more prone to dryness than others. Hands commonly lose moisture because your hands are used for a countless number of tasks every day. Even important everyday occurrences, such as washing your hands, can strip your hands of moisture. In addition, environmental conditions can also zap your hands of moisture-excessive sun exposure or cold, dry air-are common moisture-zapping culprits. Finally, time can even play a role in your dry hands. Aging can often result in dry skin, leaving your hands cracked, scaly, and uncomfortable. Because your hands are so susceptible to dry skin, a hand moisturizer is essential to eliminate the discomfort often associated with dryness.

Walgreens Products

When you want to moisturize your hands, do so with a product designed especially for hand skin that is prone to dryness. While a body lotion or cream can certainly help minimize dryness, a specially designed hand moisturizer can maximize the effectiveness of your moisturizing routine, ensuring that your hands are soft and smooth, free of cracks and uncomfortable dry spots.

Hand moisturizers come in a variety of styles, allowing you to easily find one that works for you. Common ingredients in hand moisturizers include glycerin, camphor, ammonia, botanical oils, honey, shea butter, and many more. Hand moisturizers are rich, luxurious creams that provide relief for dry and chapped hands. In fact, hand creams are so thick and effective that you don't have to apply a lot of product to enjoy significant results. Often, just a dab or two of hand cream can leave your hands feeling soft, silky smooth, and moisturized for hours. Even better, you can use these nourishing creams as frequently as you need them. Any time you feel that your hands are dry, simply apply some hand moisturizer for long-lasting results.


Consider your skin type when selecting a hand moisturizer. Normal skin types-that is, skin that isn't too oily or too dry-can benefit from hand moisturizers that are water based. If you have chronically dry skin, opt for a heavier hand moisturizer. You might want to target moisturizers that feature antioxidants and botanical oils, which can help soothe even the driest hands. Skin that is sensitive-or skin that irritates easily-should be nourished with soothing ingredients such as aloe. Stick to moisturizers that are free from common irritants, such as fragrances and dyes. By selecting the hand moisturizer that best suits your skin, you will enjoy optimal results.