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Bath and Body Products

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Bath and Body Products at Walgreens

Keep your skin looking and feeling great with Walgreens Bath and Body Products. With a large selection of soaps, moisturizers, and body sprays, you can take care of your skin from head to toe. Whether you're looking for body cleansers, hand sanitizers, exfoliators and scrubs, Walgreens has plenty of options for every skin type from brands you know and trust.

Relax and Unwind

When the tub is filled with products from Walgreens Bath and Body section, you can turn that soak into an even more luxurious experience. With bubble baths, body washes, bath oils and more, the collection includes everything you could wish for to complete your relaxing bath time ritual. Bath products also make great gifts, so keep Walgreens in mind for birthdays, Valentine's Day, anniversaries and holiday shopping.

Skin Care from Head to Toe

Whether your body skin is normal, dry or oily, keeping it at its best requires a great regimen. The Walgreens Bath and Body Products section has all of the essentials needed to keep your skin clean and fresh. You'll find a variety of body cleansing products from bar soaps to washes, with something for every skin type and concern. Some products offer a delightful fragrance to add to the pampering experience. To remove dead tissue and give the skin a smooth, silky feel, try one of the exfoliators or scrubs in the collection. After bathing, you can apply a body moisturizer to lock in hydration and fight dryness. The selection also features body powders for keeping skin dry all day long.

Help for the Hands

Washing your hands frequently is an important way to help keep you and your family healthy all year round. Walgreens has a variety of hand soap options to place by the sink to make hand-washing as effective as possible. The collection also includes hand sanitizer for use on the go, and if your hands are starting to show signs of irritation and dryness, one of the hand moisturizers can help.

Special Care for Every Member of the Family

Walgreens carries bath and body products for every member of the family, including women, men and kids. With natural and organic products and a variety of solutions for stretch marks, scars and other concerns, the Bath and Body Products section is your one-stop-shop for your skin care needs.

Whatever you need for your skin, Walgreens has the perfect solution in the Bath and Body Products section. With the links on the left, you can quickly find all of the products of a specific type that are perfect for your needs. You can also use the links to find sale items quickly and easily or to see every product in the department. Love a certain brand? The drop down box in the middle of the page will show you everything in Personal Care that bears their label. It's never been easier to find bath and body products you want!