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Bath and Body Exfoliators at Walgreens

Bathing means more than simple cleansing from head to toe. To truly treat your skin, you can add an exfoliator to your daily bathing routine. Exfoliators offer your skin an array of benefits, and you can find a variety of styles available at Walgreens. Choose from gentle scrubs and delightful fragrances to find the personal care bath and body exfoliator that suits your skin's unique needs.

Benefits of Exfoliation

If you have noticed that the radiance of your skin has diminished, you can benefit from using an exfoliator. Your once radiant skin has been replaced by dead skin cells that have accumulated on the surface of your skin, resulting in a dull appearance. These dead skin cells can even clog your pores, potentially resulting in blemishes. You might even notice scaly patches on your skin-these areas represent where dead skin cells have built up. An effective exfoliator targets these dead skin cells, which can be a source of several skin-related problems. While the skin renewal process takes 30 days, you can speed up this process with an exfoliator. When you incorporate an exfoliator into your daily or weekly skin care routine, you can slough off those dead skin cells to reveal healthier, newer cells underneath. The result is naturally radiant and healthy skin from head to toe. Plus, without any dead skin cell buildup, you might even notice that your other skin care products, such as body moisturizers, are better absorbed into your skin, making them more effective. You might even notice a reduction in excess oil on your skin as well. Benefits vary based on the products you choose, so shop smartly.


At Walgreens, you can find dozens of exfoliators in a variety of styles. Rich body scrubs in refreshing scents such as vanilla, coconut, or cranberry can help you eliminate those dead skin cells that can appear anywhere, including on your arms, legs, and chest. Body polishes also help to slough off dead skin cells from head to toe. A gentle exfoliating gel offers similar benefits, and these soothing formulas are ideal for those individuals with sensitive skin. If a radiant complexion is your goal, find a Walgreens exfoliator designed especially for your face. You can find exfoliators that feature natural and even organic ingredients if a green lifestyle is your preference. Common ingredients found in Walgreens exfoliators include mint, eucalyptus, vitamin E, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, and jojoba butter, among many others. Explore the ingredients found in Walgreens exfoliators to find the ones that are right for you.


When choosing an exfoliator from Walgreens, consider your skin type to find the right product for your needs. If you have sensitive skin that irritates easily, a gel-based exfoliator or one designed especially for sensitive skin is ideal. Similarly, blemish-prone skin might be more susceptible to skin irritation, as any rough products or scrubbing might aggravate acne rather than solving it. So, opt for a gentle exfoliator if breakouts are a concern. Likewise, if you have pigmented skin, you should use the gentlest exfoliator to avoid worsening any pigmentation issues. Walgreens offers a wide assortment of exfoliators and scrubs to satisfy your bath and body care needs.