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Bed Accessories at Walgreens

Being confined to a bed due to an illness or injury can take its toll. This is the case for both the person who is on bed rest and the caregiver. While family and medical professionals can provide support to help meet a bed-bound person's needs, more may be necessary to ensure comfort and to help caregivers do their jobs with ease. Bed accessories can greatly assist injured and ill people as well as those who care for them.

Dealing with Incontinence

Incontinence is a common concern for caregivers whether they are caring for a person who has limited mobility and cannot make it to the bathroom quickly or for a person who cannot leave his or her bed at all. When bed linens become wet or soiled due to an accident, they must be quickly removed for cleaning in order to protect the mattress from permanent staining that can make the bedroom unsanitary. Adding absorbent bedding protection to the bed can help to protect the mattress in the event that an accident is not immediately found. Options include mattress pads that are placed under the sheet on top of the mattress and mattress covers that slip over the corners of the mattress.

Reducing Bedsore Risk

Bedsores or pressure sores are another concern for people who are bedridden. These sores develop when pressure is exerted on a specific part of the body for long periods of time, causing a decrease in oxygen to the skin. Moving patients regularly can help to decrease the chances of bedsores developing. There are a number of ways that you can help to change a person's position to take pressure off the bony areas of their body where bedsores are most likely to develop. By placing mattress lifts and wedges in various spots of the bed, you can ensure that whomever you are caring for is comfortable lying in different positions and is at less risk for bedsores at the same time.

Making Daily Living Easier

Performing daily living tasks can be difficult for individuals who are bed bound. Using special accessories and items in the bedroom can help make it easier to complete these tasks, allowing patients to feel more independent and caregivers to do their jobs more easily. You can find special devices to assist with bathing while in bed. There are also trays and tables that can be pulled up to the bed to hold grooming accessories or to serve as a dining area.

Monitoring and Meeting Health Care Needs

When a bedridden person needs regular medical attention, bed accessories can help caregivers provide the very best of care. IV poles can be used for those who must receive intravenous fluids while at home, and special examination lamps can be added to the space to improve visibility by the bed while completing various tasks. Patient bed alarms can be purchased for monitoring bedridden people. Some have buttons that an injured or sick person can push when they require assistance. Others are pressure activated and will sound an alarm when the patient gets up from bed.

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