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Lift Chairs at Walgreens

To remain independent in your home for as long as possible, you need to take steps to protect yourself from falls. Even a minor fall accident can result in a serious injury. Falls are the number one cause of injury among adults over age 65. Adding a lift chair to your living room, den or television room is one simple change you can easily make that can have a big impact on your safety by reducing fall risk.

Is a Lift Chair Right for You?

A lift chair is an easy chair that looks just like traditional living room furniture. However, it has a unique feature not found in an ordinary chair. At the touch of a button, a lift chair will tilt, helping you to rise from a sitting to a standing position. When you're ready to sit, the tilted seat makes it easy for you to bend down and get into a comfortable position. Then you can lower the lift chair and relax while watching television, reading or doing another activity. Lift chairs are designed for people who may have a difficult time changing positions due to limited mobility, problems with balance or symptoms like dizziness or vertigo. They can also make it easier to transfer from a wheelchair or a walker to a chair. To use a lift chair safely, you need to have enough trunk strength to sit in a standard chair, and you must be able to push buttons on a remote control.

Recliners versus Armchairs

There are two main styles of lift chairs available on the market today, and you'll need to choose which type suits your physical needs and your tastes before shopping for a new chair. Recliner chairs have movable footrests that allow you to elevate your feet while you sit. This type of lift chair may be ideal for you if you have poor circulation or an injury and your doctor has advised you to keep your feet raised off the floor as much as possible. When you activate the lift mechanism on a recliner chair, the entire chair will tilt forward on its frame. In contrast, armchair lift chairs do not tilt completely. Instead, only the seat on this type of lift chair moves. You can purchase footstools to coordinate with some types of armchair lift chairs.

Choosing the Right Chair

When you are comparing lift chairs and deciding which one to purchase for your home, you'll want to consider the color and style of the chair as well as its price. You should also examine the weight limit for the lift chair styles. Most chairs have a maximum weight limit of around 300 pounds, but bariatric chairs are available with higher weight limits as well. Some recliner style lift chairs have additional features, such as built-in heaters and massagers. If your doctor has recommended massage or heat therapy to address a medical condition or the symptoms of an injury, this type of lift chair may be ideal for you.

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