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Children's First Aid

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Children’s First Aid Products at Walgreens

It’s common for children to encounter bumps and bruises in day-to-day life, and sometimes more serious injuries may occur. It’s important to have first-aid supplies on hand to care for children when they need it. Walgreens offers a selection of products to help care for your child’s health such as first aid kits, antibiotic ointments, gels for scar reduction, and syringes for giving children medicine.

Does Walgreens sell first aid kits for children?

Walgreens doesn’t sell first aid kits specifically for children. However, Walgreens does offer a variety of first aid products, and you will also find kits especially for babies. First aid kits for children and babies can include tools such as thermometers, nasal aspirators, and medicine droppers to help administer medicine and care for your child’s health. Walgreens also offers adult first aid kits that include bandages and wound care products that may be helpful when caring for injuries in children.

What’s in a children’s first aid kit?

A children’s first aid kit contains products to help care for sick or injured children. These include items like thermometers, nasal aspirators, medicine droppers, and medicine spoons.

How do you treat wounds on kids?

When treating minor cuts & scrapes, start by washing your hands to help avoid infection. Then, stop the bleeding by applying gentle pressure with a clean piece of bandage or cloth. Clean the wound with water and apply antibiotic ointment or petroleum jelly. Finally, cover the wound with some kind of bandage, unless it’s just a minor scrape. Remember to watch for signs of infection around the wound such as redness, increased pain, or swelling. Contact your child’s healthcare provider if you think the wound is infected.

How do you treat a bruise on children?

There are a few steps to treating a bruise. If your child is dealing with a painful or uncomfortable bruise, rest the area and ice the bruise with an ice pack wrapped in a towel or cloth. You can also compress the area to reduce swelling, and elevate the bruised area if possible. You do not need to bandage the area unless your child’s skin is broken. Bruises should fade within a couple of weeks. If the pain from a bruise gets worse or persists for many days, speak with your child’s healthcare provider.

How do you use a syringe to give children medicine?

When using a syringe to give a child medicine, be sure to read the instruction label to ensure you’re giving right amount of medicine to your child. Use a medicine spoon to measure the correct dosage, as kitchen spoons can provide inaccurate measurements. Then use an oral syringe to draw up the medicine from the spoon. Let your child or baby suck the medicine out of the syringe. These medicine spoons and syringes are available at Walgreens.

How do you relieve congestion in toddlers?

Congestion can be very uncomfortable for children and babies. It can also be a health risk to have a stuffy nose for excess amounts of time. One of the best ways to relieve congestion is with a suction device such as a nasal aspirator. Nasal aspirators suck the mucus from the nose into the device using suction pressure. Nasal aspirators can be purchased at Walgreens. Saline drops, nose wipes, and humidifiers can also help relieve congestion in toddlers.