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Cloths and Wipes at Walgreens

Though it may seem inconvenient at first, there are actually several products that can help you stay comfortable and dry in spite of incontinence. Even so, you may find that your skin tends to get irritated by either your urine or the absorbent products you use. Walgreens has a wide assortment of cloths and wipes that are designed to clean away germs and moisturize skin so you can always feel fresh.

Why Use Wipes or Washcloths?

To help control incontinence, you will likely turn to popular products like absorbent pads or protective briefs. Though these tools help control moisture, the germs in urine and feces have a tendency to irritate your sensitive skin over time. Mild irritation can be made worse by the increased friction of pads against your skin, and it could cause a very painful rash if left untreated. For this reason, many people turn to disposable washcloths or wipes to help fight bacteria and moisturize skin.

Benefits of Adult Washcloths

The most important role of incontinence washcloths is to cleanse skin gently. They eliminate germs without increasing irritation like regular soap and water can sometimes do. At the same time, these products also apply soothing ingredients like aloe, which can help reduce irritation associated with skin exposure to urine and/or feces. Finally, these products are able to protect your skin against further issues by coating it with ingredients that act as a barrier from future irritants. Before flushing your washcloth down the toilet, make sure that it is labeled as "flushable." Many of these products, while disposable, are intended to be thrown in the trash rather than put in the toilet. If you flush a wipe that isn't designed to break apart when it's flushed, you could clog your toilet or cause a septic backup.

Other Types of Wipes

While certain products are designed for incontinence care, other wipes available from Walgreens can be used by anyone to either complement or replace toilet paper. These wipes offer similar cleansing and nurturing benefits to those offered by adult washcloths, and many of them contain beneficial ingredients like aloe and vitamin E. These products are often flushable, which means that they will decompose on their own in either sewer or septic systems. If you struggle with incontinence, these types of wipes can be great to carry when you're on the go because they tend to be smaller and to come in packs that can fit into your purse or even your pocket.

Some people find that wipes don't offer quite as many benefits as adult washcloths, but their portability may make up for that. If you have a problem with incontinence, these types of wipes can still help eliminate odor, itch, and rashes that regular toilet paper may leave behind in addition to moisturizing and keeping you feeling fresh.

Incontinence doesn't have to leave you feeling uncomfortable. By browsing the selection of cloths and wipes available from Walgreens, you can find the perfect products to complement your absorption aids and to keep your skin feeling healthy.