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Protective Underwear and Briefs at Walgreens

There's no denying that incontinence is an inconvenient problem, but you don't need to be embarrassed about it. If you have problems with urinary leakage, you may find you need protective underwear or briefs to help absorb the moisture, protect your skin, and mask odor. The wide assortment of products available from Walgreens is perfectly suited for individuals of all ages, sizes, and genders.

Benefits of Pull-up Protective Underwear

Pull-up protective underwear is preferred by many individuals who suffer from moderate to severe incontinence but don't have any mobility problems. These products are designed to work and fit just like regular underwear (you put them on and take them off by slipping them over your legs), but they are extremely absorbent so that you won't have any embarrassing leaks. Most manufacturers have recently begun trying to make protective underwear blend in as much as possible by reducing bulk and allowing it to emphasize your natural shape in a more form-fitting manner.

Benefits of Fitted Briefs

Fitted briefs (also sometimes referred to as "adult diapers") are designed for those individuals who find it difficult to slip underwear on and off over their legs. If you have severe mobility issues, you may prefer this style of products. You might also prefer this style if you have a caregiver helping you with your daily routines. In addition featuring heavy absorbency, they have tabs on the sides that allow them to be changed while you are lying or sitting down.

How to Choose the Best Product

When you are trying to choose a type of protective underwear or briefs, there are several different factors to consider. First and foremost, you need to opt for a product that is designed for your size and gender. Choosing undergarments that fit too tightly will make you very uncomfortable, but you also need to make sure you don't get products that are too loose or else they could leak. Along the same lines, make sure to check whether the products you consider are gender-specific or if they are unisex, as this distinction will determine what size to buy.

Other Factors

Another essential factor to think about is how absorbent you need your product to be. Consider the severity of your incontinence so that you buy the undergarment most likely to suit you. Some people, for instance, will be less likely to have urine leakage during the day than they are at night. If you fall into this category, then you might be fine with an absorbent pad when you're awake but opt for protective underwear when you sleep.

Depending on the style of protective underwear you choose, you may have the option between disposable and reusable varieties. Washable undergarments tend to be a little more comfortable than their disposable counterparts, but they may not absorb quite as well. Once again, you will need to consider how much protection you require, and then choose the product that best matches your needs.

No one wants to suffer from incontinence, but a variety of factors can make it unavoidable. Rather than letting it rule your life, browse the selection of protective underwear and briefs available from Walgreens, and you will find the tools you need to keep your urinary leakage under control.