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Heavy Absorbency

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Heavy Absorbency Products for Incontinence at Walgreens

If you or a loved one is living with incontinence due to limited mobility or a medical condition, finding ways to manage accidents is of the utmost importance. Incontinence protection allows men and women with bladder control problems to lead fuller lives. In addition, incontinence protection products make personal care simpler following accidents. At Walgreens, we carry incontinence protection products to meet every need. To simplify shopping, we have placed all of the incontinence protection with heavy absorbency in this product selection. Shop the product assortment now to find out where you can buy incontinence protection near you or to have the products you need shipped discreetly to your home.

Understanding Absorbency Levels

Incontinence protection products are designed to absorb urine following an accident. As a result, incontinence protection products can prevent embarrassing leaks and messes that are difficult to clean. When shopping for incontinence protection, absorbency levels are an important consideration. The absorbency level tells you how much liquid an incontinence protection product can effectively hold. Heavy absorbency products are generally the most absorbent. They can be an excellent choice for nighttime use for anyone who suffers from incontinence. In addition, heavy absorbency is often ideal for daytime use for people who suffer from moderate to severe incontinence.

Guards and Pads for Protection

Heavy absorbency pads and guards are a popular form of incontinence protection. Guards and pads are long strips of absorbent fabric that have adhesive on their reverse sides. To use a guard or pad, you simply pull off a disposable backing and then press the sticky side of the product against the crotch of underwear. The adhesive holds the pad in place. Pads and guards are easy to dispose of and allow men and women to continue to wear their everyday underwear.

Incontinence Underwear Options

Disposable underwear is another form of incontinence protection offered with heavy absorbency. These products are worn in place of conventional undergarments and have absorbent material all along the bottom and back. As a result, incontinence underwear is less likely to leak when accidents happen. Like conventional undergarments, incontinence underwear can typically be stepped into and pulled on. Most products also feature side tabs that make it easy to remove the underwear when it becomes wet.

Choosing the Right Product

After you have determined which type of incontinence protection you prefer, you can compare the other features of the heavy absorbency products to determine which one to buy. Some incontinence care products are designed specifically for men or for women. Others can be used by people of either gender. Reading the product descriptions will tell you more about any special benefits that the incontinence protection options provide. For example, some guards and pads have side tabs called wings that wrap over underwear for a more secure fit.