Diabetes Management

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Diabetes Management Products at Walgreens

You can have type 2 diabetes and not experience symptoms. Surprised? In fact, about a third of people with type 2 diabetes don't even know they have it. Even people who have diabetes don't always monitor their blood sugar levels closely enough when they're feeling well. Even if you aren't having symptoms, diabetes can damage blood vessels and organs in your body. By taking steps to monitor and manage your diabetes, you can lower your risk for diabetes complications.

The Importance of Diabetes Management

Why is it so important to manage your diabetes? Diabetes can damage almost every organ in your body including your heart, eyes, kidneys, blood vessels and nerves. When you monitor and control your blood sugar level, you lower your risk for these complications. Blood glucose monitoring systems are available that give you a blood sugar reading in as little as four seconds. When you keep a record of your blood sugars to show your doctor, he or she will know how to adjust your medications, if you're taking them. You'll also know what changes you need to make to your diet and exercise plan.

Monitoring Systems

Some diabetic monitoring systems are small enough to fit into your purse for the ultimate in take-along convenience. More sophisticated systems allow you to connect your blood glucose meter to your iPhone or iPad touch. Plus, you can add your own notes. These systems are integrated with apps that monitor and chart glucose, insulin and carbs. These make it easy for you and your doctor to identify trends in your blood sugar level.

Organizing Your Supplies

When you're on the go, it's nice to have all of your diabetic supplies in one place. A diabetic supply organizer keeps your necessities organized and protected. It's an ideal way to carry your supplies when you travel or to and from work, go on a longer trip or to and from the gym. Organizers are small enough to drop into a purse, brief case or travel bag. When you take a longer trip, a mini medication fridge is ideal for carrying along your injectables and insulin pens and keeping them cool. These portable refrigerators hold your supplies at the recommended temperature range while you travel. An even lighter weight, portable option for keeping your insulin pens and bottles cool is an insulin travel wallet. This handy carry-around accessory can be quickly activated with tap water and requires no refrigeration. Once activated, it keeps your insulin cool for up to 4 days of hassle-free travel.

Keeping Your Feet Healthy

When you have diabetes you're at greater risk for foot problems including dry skin, calluses, foot ulcers, nerve damage and decreased circulation. Foot creams formulated for diabetics are available. These creams contain ingredients that moisturize, soothe and warm your feet while reducing discomfort due to reduced circulation. Take some of the pressure off of your feet with foot health insoles made for diabetic feet. These insoles are cushioned to absorb shock so your feet take less of a beating when you walk around. Compression stockings and hosiery are also available to support and lightly compress your calves to ease fatigue and enhance circulation.

Work with your doctor by monitoring and managing your sugars. Doing so will lower your risk for the many complications of diabetes. Don't forget to see your doctor regularly and follow his or her guidelines.