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Diabetic Monitors at Walgreens

When you have diabetes, keeping your blood sugar under control is crucial as proper management may help minimize the risk of some of the complications of diabetes. This disease can potentially affect almost every organ in your body. If uncontrolled it can damage blood vessels. This may lead to an increased risk for heart attack, stroke and ulcers in the feet due to poor circulation. It also can damage nerves, especially those found in the feet. This can lead to pain, tingling, or even numbness.

Monitoring Your Blood Sugar

Blood glucose monitoring systems are available. These systems give you a blood sugar reading in as little as ten seconds. Special electrode technology ensures you get accurate measurements. Knowing your blood sugar levels lets you know when they're drifting too high or falling too low so you can adjust your diet, medications or insulin. This may help with the ongoing management of diabetes. Monitoring systems can also tell you whether you're meeting your blood sugar goals. Keep a careful record of your blood sugar readings and show them to your doctor. This will help your doctor make appropriate adjustments to your treatment. Monitoring systems are available that can store your results for easy reference.

Advanced Options

For the ultimate in convenience, one-touch glucose monitoring systems send your blood sugar readings to your iPhone or iPad using a mobile app. From there, you can access a summary of your blood sugar readings over the past 14 days and see whether you're meeting your goals. You can even share your results through text messaging or email. More advanced glucose monitoring systems connect with your iPhone or iPad and track trends and patterns in your blood glucose, carbohydrates and insulin. Using an app, you can enter personalized notes about your readings and store them to show your doctor.

When you're on the go, you need a fast and convenient way to monitor your blood sugar. Compact blood glucose monitoring systems are small and light enough to carry with you to work, to the gym and when you travel. They deliver glucose readings fast - in about four seconds - and come with a compact carrying case that fits into your purse. They are great for on-the-go monitoring.

More Comfortable Lancets for Checking Your Glucose Level

One of the most unpleasant parts of monitoring your blood sugar level is the sharp stick. More comfortable blood meters are available that take some of the discomfort out of checking your sugar. You can select from one of seven different settings to adjust how deep the lancet goes. This gives you more control and less discomfort. There is a unique ejection feature that makes the lancet simple to remove once you've used it.

The Importance of Monitoring Your Blood Sugar Level

Whichever glucose monitoring system you choose, keep tracking your sugars. Your doctor will advise you about how often to check your glucose level and make appropriate treatment recommendations. Be sure to follow their advice to keep your blood glucose under control and manage your risk for other health problems related to your diabetes.

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