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Diabetic Monitors

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Blood Glucose Monitors at Walgreens

If you have diabetes, your body can't control blood sugar levels. Your doctor will likely recommend lifestyle changes and sometimes insulin or other diabetes medications as treatment to bring your blood sugar levels near goal. Blood sugar monitoring can help tell if your diabetes treatment plan is working. You'll likely have your blood sugar levels checked during appointments, and your doctor may also recommend testing your blood sugar levels at home with a blood glucose monitor. Walgreens can help you test your blood sugar at home accurately and easily with a diverse assortment of monitors that you can shop online and in stores. We also carry lancets, testing strips and glucometer accessories, so you can purchase everything that you need with ease.

Knowing Your Numbers

When you have diabetes, it's important to know your numbers. A blood glucose monitor is used to measure how much glucose (sugar) is present in the bloodstream at a given moment in time. The device is also sometimes called a glucose meter or glucometer. Regular blood sugar testing with a blood glucose monitor can help you improve control of your blood sugar levels. Keep a log of your blood sugar readings and bring the record with you to doctor appointments. Your doctor can use the records of your blood sugar levels to tell if your treatment plan is working and modify it as needed. Plus, checking your blood sugar can help you learn how foods and physical activity affect your glucose levels, so that you can improve your lifestyle and diet.

How Testing Works

To test your blood sugar, you first wash your hands and insert a test strip into your blood glucose meter. Next, you prick your finger with a needle-tipped tool called a lancet. Then, you collect a small sample of blood on a testing strip. The strips contain an enzyme known as glucose oxidase that reacts with sugar in the blood. When you insert the strip into the glucometer, it calculates how much glucose is present in the sample and displays the number on the screen. Your glucose monitor will come with directions for use that explain how to use the specific device in greater detail. Following those instructions carefully will help to ensure that you get the most accurate results possible.

Options with Advanced Features

Some glucose meters have advanced features that may make it easier for you to keep track of your blood sugar levels. You can find models that read your blood sugar readings aloud or that give off an audible tone or chime when blood sugar levels are above or below normal levels. To simplify tracking your numbers, some meters store your last reading or have built-in memory to store days'or months' worth of readings. You can also find Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled glucometers that transmit data to your smartphone, tablet or computer so that you can review it later and share it with your doctor.

Accessories for Monitors

At Walgreens, you'll find a wide range of accessories for diabetic meters. You can purchase lancets and testing strips for glucometers from our product selection. Cases are available to help keep your glucometer and testing supplies clean and dry.