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Ear Plugs

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Ear Plugs at Walgreens

You likely don't think much about your ears and hearing until you experience a problem like annoying ringing after a loud concert or difficulty sleeping due to noises in the environment. A number of common issues can be addressed simply by wearing ear plugs. Walgreens carries a diverse assortment of ear plugs with options for a wide variety of needs. You can shop the full selection of ear plugs on this page and make a purchase conveniently online or find out where you can purchase a specific product at a Walgreens store.

Protecting Your Hearing

Experts recommend using hearing protection whenever you'll be exposed to loud noises, such as the sounds of power drills, industrial equipment, gunfire or concerts. Ear plugs are a convenient form of hearing protection that can be worn discreetly inside of your ear. When you're shopping for plugs for hearing protection, you'll want to take note of the NRR or Noise Reduction Rating of the various products. This number tells you how many decibels of sound ear plugs are able to block. Products with higher NRR numbers provide more protection than options with lower numbers.

Improving Your Sleep

Ear plugs aren't only for wearing in noisy environments as hearing protection. You may also choose to wear them in order to promote restful sleep. Slipping in a pair of ear plugs before you go to bed at night can block out sounds that would otherwise keep you awake. Some people use ear plugs every night, while others pack ear plugs in their travel bags to help them sleep peacefully in hotels. While any type of ear plugs can generally be used for this purpose, soft foam options are popular for sleep due to their comfortable fit.

Keeping Water Out

If you're an avid swimmer or use a hot tub regularly, you may need to invest in ear plugs to promote ear health. Repeated exposure to water can increase your risk of swimmer's ear. This outer ear infection is caused by bacteria that grows in water that has become trapped in the ear. Wearing ear plugs can minimize the amount of water that enters your ear, thereby lowering your risk of infection. Silicone ear plugs and water-absorbing options are often recommended for blocking out water.

Traveling Comfortably

Sudden changes in elevation can cause pressure to build up in the ear, resulting in sudden sharp pain. The problem is most common when traveling by airplane, but it can also occur when you're driving in a car or riding in a bus through a mountainous area. Ear plugs can help reduce the pressure changes that result from increasing or decreasing elevation rapidly. People also may choose to wear ear plugs while traveling to reduce noise, so that they can work, read or sleep. Single-use disposable ear plugs are especially convenient for traveling. You can pack a pair in your carry-on and then throw them away after use.