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Eyeglass Cleaners and Accessories at Walgreens

It's important that you have the right cleaners and accessories to ensure your eyeglasses are working their best and doing the best job for you. At Walgreens, you will find a wide selection of essential products for eyeglasses. Browse our assortment of cases, clips, cords, lens wipes, nose pads, repair kits, and much more.

Protect Your Glasses with a Stylish and Sturdy Case

Do you usually place your glasses in your pocket, in your purse, on a table, or in the center console of your car? When your glasses are unprotected, it's only a matter of time before they'll become scratched or broken. It's always a good idea to have a case nearby when you don't need to wear your glasses. Walgreens offers many cases that are both fashionable and durable, including ones that can be clipped to your visor or hung from your rearview mirror.

Don't Lose Your Glasses, Put a Cord on Them

Do you frequently take off your glasses because you only need them for specific uses - and then spend too much time trying to remember where you put them? Walgreens offers a variety of cords and clips so you'll never misplace your glasses again. The cords can be adjusted to hold your glasses more securely, which is especially useful if you lead an active lifestyle. They come in a range of design styles, from functional to fun. The visor clips easily attach onto the visor of your car to conveniently and safely store your glasses or sunglasses.

Streak-Free Shine for Glass or Plastic

Want a handy way to clean your glasses, whether you're at home or on the go? Purchase individually packaged wipes for your lenses. These pre-moistened towelettes quickly remove grease and dirt. And unlike your shirt hem or a towel that can cause damage, these wipes leave your lenses free of scratches and streaks. Wipes may also be used to clean the screens on computers, cell phones, and tablets. For your convenience, place in your car, in your desk, and throughout your home. Walgreens also sells a professional spray for use on fine optical lenses. This spray is specially formulated for anti-reflective and coated lenses and works best with a soft cloth.

Reduce Slipping and Increase Comfort with Nose Pads

If you find yourself constantly pushing your glasses back into position on your nose, check out the assorted nose pads from Walgreens. These inexpensive foam rubber pads help to reduce slipping. Plus, they're soft and comfortable and will minimize the irritation to your skin. The nose pads are easy to adhere - simply use your finger to press a set onto your glasses.

Fast and Easy Repairs at Home

When the hinges on your glasses become loose, you don't have to pay someone to fix them. Instead, get an eyeglass repair kit. These kits are a great value and typically include a small screwdriver and screws. The screws come in various sizes to fit most glasses, including reading glasses, safety glasses, and sunglasses. Some repair kits may also contain a magnifying glass, a cleaning spray, an anti-lint cloth, and a storage case.

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