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Eyeglass Cleaners & Accessories

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Eyeglass Cleaners & Accessories at Walgreens

Whether you wear sunglasses, reading glasses, bifocals or eyeglasses for distance, you rely on your eyewear to help you see clearly. Because your glasses are so important for your vision, you can't afford for them to be in anything less than the best possible condition. Eyeglass cleaners and accessories can help you keep your sunglasses or eyeglasses in like-new condition for as long as possible, so you can continue to enjoy their benefits. Walgreens makes it easy to find the eyeglass cleaners and accessories that you require for overall eye care with a diverse assortment of products available online and in our stores.

Wipes and Cloths for Cleaner Lenses

It's virtually impossible to avoid getting your eyeglass and sunglass lenses dirty. Dust and debris can collect on the lenses, and handling your glasses often leave behind fingerprints. Smudges, streaks and spots on glasses can limit your vision, decreasing the benefits of wearing glasses. Fortunately, you can remove impurities from the lenses to keep your vision clear. One option is to wipe your lenses with a product designed specifically for lens cleaning. For dry cleaning, you can purchase single-use tissues and reusable cloths made of soft materials that won't scratch lenses. Pre-moistened wipes are also available and can simplify cleaning.

Liquid Lens Cleaners

For stubborn grime, liquid lens cleaning products can make it easier to remove impurities. These products contain ingredients that dissolve oils to speed up the cleaning process. Liquid lens cleaners typically come in spray or spritz bottles for quick dispensing. After you have applied the lens cleaner, you can then wipe it with a lens cleaning cloth to lift away dirt and debris.

Repairing Your Glasses

Over time, even the highest quality eyeglasses and sunglasses can suffer from wear and tear. Everyday use can cause the hardware that holds glasses together to loosen, negatively affecting the fit. When this occurs, you can address the problem with an eyeglass repair kit. Most kits include a screwdriver with a specially designed tip that fits the tiny screws used in eyeglass construction. The screwdriver makes it simple to tighten loose hardware to enhance the fit of eyewear. In addition, eyeglass repair kits typically contain one or more eyeglass screws. This hardware can be used to replace missing screws or screws that have become stripped and damaged. You can read the product descriptions to find out what comes in each of the eyeglass repair kits featured in our selection.

Storing Your Glasses

Proper storage can help to extend the life span of your eyeglasses and sunglasses. Simply placing your glasses on your nightstand or counter could result in them becoming broken, and carrying your glasses in a pocket or bag may lead to scratched lenses. That's why it's best to store your glasses in an eyewear case when you're not wearing them. Eyeglass cases feature soft lining that protects lenses and frames and typically have a hard exterior that guards against damage due to impact. In addition to eyeglass cases, you can purchase clips for attaching your glasses to the visor in your vehicle and cords that make it possible to wear your eyeglasses around your neck.